Thank you for your interest in booking your next project with me. Tattooing is a personal expression for each individual I have the opportunity to work with and I am honored that you have chosen to trust me with your vision.

In order to provide the absolute best experience possible, I am seeking clients willing to place their trust in my hands, giving me creative freedom to ensure that they are receiving a one of a kind work of living art.

About me

My name is Brandon Bowie and I’m Skalleywagtattooer. I’ve been tattooing for a little over five years now and in this time I’ve taken on many styles of tattooing. The styles I specialize and am most proficient in are surrealistic color work and realistic black and grey. I really enjoy the freedom and creativity they give, allowing me to make strong compositions, unique to each client I work with.


Throughout the process of creating your vision, it’s hard to place a timeline, or overall estimate on your project. Skin types, placement, size and detail are just a few key factors that come into play during the creative process, for your satisfaction and my guarantee, I place more attention into the design and finished product itself, rather than how long it may take to complete.

The best I am able to provide my clients with is a ballpark estimate at the time of our consultation. Ultimately my focus will always be placed in the integrity of your tattoo.

I operate at Full/Half day rates. It can be very difficult to give someone an estimate on how long something might take. It’s much easier to group everything into a Full/Half Day rate and not make the quote personal to each person’s tattoo.

Full Day is ( approximately 10 hours ) $1,500 plus tax.

Half Day is (approximately 5 hours) $1,000 plus tax.

I require a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit which does three things.

1) The deposit goes towards the price of your tattoo the day of your appointment.

2) The deposit allows me to schedule your appointment and gets you on my books.

3) The deposit retains my team’s services and gets us to the drawing board to create your design.

Your deposit can be forfeited in 1 of 3 ways;

No call - No show.

Rescheduling your appointment without a 3 day notice.

Complete change of design.


If you would like to schedule a project with me, I would love to hear more from you. Please follow the link below by clicking the consultation button, from here you will be redirected to the Platinum Koi website where you can select me and book your in person, or video consultation. Here you can provide me with some basic information such as, your name, your phone number, and a brief description of your idea.

Most importantly, I would like to hear your “why?” What is the reason behind the idea you have? What is the story you would like to tell with your tattoo?

Having these things in mind at the time of our consultation will help to ensure that we meet each others expectations and help to take your design to the next level.

During the consultation process we will take time to discuss the details of your project, cover the size and placement of your design, as well as going over your references to find the one that really stands out.

I ask that all clients be prepared to place their $500 booking fee for their project the day of our consultation.

With that being said, let’s go!